Arrow Heights
Organ Transplant Fund



More than 100,000 Americans are currently awaiting the receipt of a life-saving organ transplant. Regrettably, the demand is much greater than the supply, and thousands die while waiting. You can help save a life by becoming an organ donor. It is possible for one donor to help more than fifty different people.

The most important step in becoming a donor is to tell your family of your decision. Your family will be asked about your decision at the time of your death. Make them aware of your desire to help others. You may sign your driver's license or an organ donor card, but you must let your family know of your decision in order to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Sign up now and make your decision known to those closest to you.

Another way to help those in need of transplants is to donate blood. Advances in medicine have made more life-saving surgical procedures, such as organ transplants, available. These procedures depend on blood transfusions, and the need for donations has risen steadily over the past several years. An organ transplant can use all or parts of 50 units of blood. So track down your local Red Cross unit and find out how you can give a gift that will help save lives.

In order to receive a free brochure and organ donor card, send us your address, and we will mail it to you.